As part of the benefits offered to employees, Agile Lab offers the opportunity to attend one international conference per year, leveraging company money following the boundaries listed in Welfare & Benefits.

The process to attend an international conference is listed below.

Checklist and accountabilities

Once identified the conference to attend to, an employee must:

  1. Get the participation approved by your coach (project lead/lead link);
  2. Broadcast the conf opportunity on Teams in the BigData/conferences channel: not travelling alone is helpful in getting more involved in conference networking, joining multiple talks in parallel and have more fun;
  3. Once approved and verified how many other colleagues will join in the conference trip, ask Finance/Purchasing Officer to buy the conference tickets;
  4. Search by your own for travelling and accommodation, according to the rules as in SpendingCompanyMoney;
  5. Ask Finance/Purchasing Officer to buy you the travel tickets and book for your accommodation. If not possible, do it on your own expenses (they will be reimbursed with the next payroll);
  6. Once the tickets are confirmed, add the details of the conference in the conference tracking excel placed under - sharepoint://BigData/Documents/Conferences/conference_tracking_<Year>.xlsx
  7. Enjoy the conference. In the meantime, take at least 1 meaningful photo per day (picturing Agile Lab's people in the context of the conference and meaningful stuff) and send it to;
  8. Take notes during the attended talks and produce a report of the conference containing meaningful insights that can support/improve company's technical skills, and/or open to new opportunities. The report must be published on the company's Big Data OneNote -> Conferences section, following the template that will be made available in such section. Once completed, it must be advertised/shared/linked on the BigData/conferences Teams channel. Given that multiple people could attend to multiple talks in the same conference, each of the participants has the accountability to produce his/her own report.


  1. During the pandemic, be sure that tickets are refundable in case the conference is canceled.
  2. If there are good number of employees attending for a conference, we can reach out to our Vendor Relationship Officer (VRO), if they can help us by contacting the conference organisers for the discounts.

That's it! Pretty simple, right? A small accountability for a big benefit. :)

Checklist for the coach

Which are the drivers that should be taken in account to evaluate conferences:

  • Is the conference aligned with the individual career path, technical progression and personal goals
  • Is the conference aligned with the technical strategy of the company ?
  • Is the conference aligned with team goals and needs ?

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