Time Management & Overtime

Agile Lab pays you for your time - 40 hours/week as provided by the Italian law. This means Agile Lab isn't an objective-based company.

▶️ Ask for new tasks if you've achieved your goals and worked less than 40 hours in the current week.

Activities include delivery and training. Training activities must be guided and aligned with company goals.

▶️ You can ask your coach to help you identify activities that are aligned with company goals in a 1:1 session.

Overtime isn't encouraged

In Agile Lab we don't want to encourage to work overtime because in the long period can lead to burnout, and we care about our people. Our working hours are flexible, and people are strongly encouraged to balance work and personal life priorities.

Self-manage your goals, time and energy

Each individual must understand when to put more effort into the job and when it is possible to regain space in private life. We want people to be free to organize their activities at their best without any constriction but always acting with self-responsibility.

As a matter of personal choice, you may want to focus more on the job and work some extra hours to hit a goal for a week. After such an intensive week, we strongly recommended to slow down and recover during the following days.

To slow down, recover and claim your time back, you don't need to notify anybody. If you have worked some extra hours, you can spend them whenever you want.

On average, the hour count on your timesheet must be balanced.

Work with your manager in unusually challenging situations

There may still unusually challenging times when it is difficult to keep such balance. In that case, you have to notify your manager immediately and start to record extra hours as SA-Straordinari ad accumulo in your timesheet.

▶️ How are you managing customer expectations? Are you having unrealistic expectations and putting too much pressure on yourself? You can ask your coach to help you get back to a healthy work-balance scenario in a 1:1 session.

Your manager will periodically review extra hours recorded as SA-Straordinari ad accumulo in your timesheet and will try to find a way to reduce the load and give you back those hours. At the end of the semester, unbalanced extra hours will be paid.

This mechanism is devised to encourage people not to work extra hours.

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