Webinars or Round tables are less technical and more lead generation oriented events; often a customer is invited to witness the work done, and the quality produced; it is also an opportunity to advertise products and solutions offered by the company.

With meetup modes such as the 'tech interview' available to create broadcastable content, without the presence of an online or in-person audience, we prefer to choose the round table mode when organising an event, whereas webinars are attended when invited.

There is no rule of timing on the organization and at the moment there are no objectives on the number of events of this type to be organized, but their importance is indisputable and that's why every idea in this regard is appreciated by all employees.


The process is described below:

Idea and Planning

The idea for a webinar can be generated by employees that think they can describe and advertise products and/or services currently offered to clients, from marketing which is capable of involving interested clients to increase their visibility by attending, etc. Any idea, even if not totally defined, can be communicated to the Event Specialist who has the webinar focus. If the idea is feasible, the webinar is inserted into the marketing calendar in a day near the desired week. The Event Specialist will then create on HolaSpirit a project that will allow the marketing circle to keep track of the event organisation over time.


The first steps for the realisation of the webinar are:

  • The definition of the topic you want to cover
  • Identification of the partner we wish to do the event with (if applicable)
  • Identification of the customer you want to mention or better still invite to the event. The presence of the client increases the interest of the audience and is therefore strongly recommended.
  • Identification of the Agile Lab internal speaker(s)
  • Identification of the customer side speaker(s) (if any).
  • Definition of the period in which the event is to be held
  • Definition of the target audience both in terms of professional roles and geography

Company identification

Increasingly, Agile Lab is taking advantage of the help of external companies to organise the event and publicise it. Identifying the right company or companies depends on the costs and the target audience. In any case, the material to be shared with them is:

  • Date of the event
  • Title and description
  • Speakers' biographies (photos if applicable)
  • Questionnaire if you intend to skim attendance or profile participants to decide on tone of voice.

The social publisher advertises the event through its channels.


A few days before the event, a Dry Run is normally organised, during which the platform chosen by the organising company is tested, and the agenda with the times for the various participants is defined.

Follow up

The days after the event, the social publisher will send thanks to the participants while the social analyst will retrieve the metrics and update the crm with the leads obtained. If it is available, a recording of the event is normally sent to those who signed up and did not attend and to those who attended but may have an interest in reviewing the event. If available, participants are also sent background material and/or the slides used during the event.

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